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At AWTT, we believe that you are never too young to be an engaged citizen.

AWTT’s work addresses what has been referred to as the growing “Civic Engagement Gap” or “Citizen Participation Gap” in the U.S. Young, poor, minority, and rural Americans under-participate in the civic life of our communities and the nation.A combination of apathy, confusion and cynicism can make many of us unsure about what to do to solve the problems we face in our communities and our world.

These portraits of people who are “Models of Courageous Citizenship” aim to inspire teachers and students to journey more deeply into American history and to empower them to identify both the specific challenges our communities face and what we can do to address them.

There are a number of ways for teachers, schools and school districts to work with AWTT.

Use the website and share your ideas and results. Study the portraits, read the biographies and examine the resources we provide. Share them with your students. The resources section (below) is a work in progress. Please share your ideas and methods with us and with the AWTT community so that we can all work together to inspire our young people to be engaged participants in our democracy. Also, if you share it with us, we will publish student work that relates to AWTT.

Hang AWTT Posters and Cards in the Classroom. Our beautiful posters and cards enliven classrooms and remind students that they can make a difference.

Schedule a Workshop. AWTT offers workshops for schools and districts, to show teachers how to employ AWTT portraits, biographies and resources to address untaught aspects of American history, engage and empower students in their communities, and improve classroom performance.

Arrange a Portrait Exhibit or Classroom Visit. Bring the portraits and the artist into your school. AWTT has run programs (exhibits, lectures) for students at all levels in 27 states and Washington DC.

Bring AWTT to your school

Teacher Testimonials

Robert’s Americans Who Tell the Truth has become a distinctive and profound way of teaching American History and American Thought...His work will help us advance towards common understanding and tolerance.

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