Our New Website


The New AWTT Website

Today, August 13, 2012, we launched our new Americans Who Tell the Truth website. It is the culmination of an 8 month process led by my son Aran Shetterly who is now the Executive Director of AWTT. Aran has technical skills far beyond anything I could imagine and an ability to coordinate disparate parts of this project that have given it a new shape. A great deal of credit also goes to our software designer Dima Ciubatii. As you navigate the website you will be amazed at how well it is put together & how fast it is.

One of the most important reasons for needing this new site is the shift in this project to a greater emphasis on education. Shortly, there will be comprehensive curriculum plans posted about how to teach with the portraits for all grade levels. The curriculum work has been done by our Education Director  Michele Hemenway. We are building the site so that this education material is not only available, but is interactive. We will expect both teachers and students to contact us with lesson plans and ideas about how better to use these resources. Both Michele and I are available to talk with you about how best to use AWTT and how you can contribute to it.

And, to further the education mission, we are now partnered with many other progressive educational organizations from all over the United States & will be posting their news and plans.

Let us know what you think about the website & also what you would like to see on it in the future. I will continue my part --- painting portraits & speaking in schools, colleges, libraries & museums about our history & the need for courageous citizenship.

I want to give a special thank you to Ken Woisard who designed & maintained the original website which was so elegant & popular.

Robert Shetterly