The Accusation That Wouldn't Go Away

Robert Koehler from Chicago is one of my favorite observers of our complicated culture. What I like so much about him is his clear-eyed compassion for all people and honest assessment of hypocrisy when we fail to live up to our professed ideals. I know of no one who writes more eloquently and economically about social justice - particularly  our many varieties of racism, about the insidiousness of militarism, about wealth disparity, and now particularly about the crisis of climate change. And how well he connects these issues. After reading the following essay, you may wonder, as I do, that so many people became politically engaged over the Brett Kavanaugh appointment (and they should  have), but fail to bring the same urgency to the more overwhelming problem of climate chaos. We were bombarded with 24/7 news coverage of Kavanaugh, but minimal coverage of the latest dire warning on climate from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We are told we have barely 12 years to totally alter our use of fossil fuels or descend into climate chaos.  We may have opportunities to replace justices on the Supreme Court; we will not have an opportunity to replace the planet. The planet may choose, instead, to replace us.
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robert_koehler_portraitThe Accusation That Wouldn't Go Away
By Robert C. Koehler
Sexual assault is such a nuisance, not only, but especially, for Republicans.
Here's the Wall Street Journal editorial board, attempting, with gentlemanly politeness, to dispense with Christine Blasey Ford's accusation against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh as quickly as possible:
"Yet there is no way to confirm her story after 36 years, and to let it stop Mr. Kavanaugh's confirmation would ratify what has all the earmarks of a calculated political ambush.
"This is not to say Christine Blasey Ford isn't sincere in what she remembers." But . . .
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