Americans Who Tell the Truth Through Law

Louis-Brandeis-portraitDiversity Forum 
Brandeis School of Law 
University of Louisville 
October 30, 2018

The portraits presented at the Diversity Forum and on display in the Law Library in the week following October 30, 2018 are from Robert Shetterly's collection of over 250 portraits of Americans Who Tell the Truth. In his collection, Robert Shetterly tells the stories of over 250 individuals whose dissents have been important to America's democracy. He has used art as a vehicle to recognize the contributions of those individuals and to inspire others to follow their lead. Those displayed are reproductions of the originals, produced with the permission of the artist with the cost underwritten by the generosity of Christy Brown and the Owsley Brown II Foundation.

After the presentation, the portrait reproductions will be displayed in the Law Library from October 30 through November 6, 2018, and then will be donated to appropriate locations throughout the campus and city.