AWTT at St. Paul's School

From November 3 - 24, 2014, 26 portraits are being exhibited at the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul at the St. Paul's School. The show, chosen by students, focuses on military veterans in the AWTT collection and on war & peace issues. 

Robert Shetterly was at the school to speak in the chapel to the entire student body and faculty on Veterans' Day, November 11. He then visited classrooms and met over lunch with the students who had selected the portraits. 
Shetterly's chapel talk explored the notion of the "sacred contract" a soldier makes with his/her government, i.e., the soldier agrees to take on the risk of losing his life or sustaining serious injury and takes on the possible ethical burden of killing another human being for the good of his country. The government side of the contract is to only require this sacrifice from the soldier when it is absolutely necessary. This necessity is paramount. The soldier, after the war, has to be able to tell him/herself a true story about the terrible things witnessed and done. Only a story of true necessity will protect the soldier from an unsustainable burden of guilt and remorse. Shetterly then talked about the epidemic of veteran suicides since the Vietnam, Afghan and Iraq wars and suggested that this epidemic is probably related to the fact that these wars do not pass the "sacred contract" test.