AWTT Exhibit at Zumi's in Ipswich, MA

Announcement from Zumi's:

So honored and excited for this timely 2020 Art Exhibit at Zumi’s. It will be up throughout the month of October - don’t miss it! So much inspiration in this community engagement project featuring the artwork of Robert Shetterly. Each piece has a short bio and QR code to learn more.

Sponsored by AWTT/Ipswich, a group of community members committed to bringing the Americans Who Tell the Truth project to Ipswich. Their goal is to create an environment for civil discourse and questioning around courageous citizenry and our individual roles in our democracy.

Special thanks to Meryl Baier for collaborating with Zumis and organizing with a fantastic core team in Ipswich.

photo of the exhibit at Zumi's
AWTT portrait of Fannie Lou Hamer
photo of exhibit at Zumi's