AWTT Professional Development Workshop for Orono & Old Town Teachers

On January 15, 2014, Americans Who Tell the Truth and Operation Breaking Stereotypes will offer a FREE, professional development workshop for middle and high schoolEsther Attean portrait by Robert Shetterly teachers from RSU 26 and RSU 34 (Orono and Old Town, Maine). (Made possible by a grant from the Maine Community Foundation.)

Location: Orono High School

Time: 3:30 - 6:30 

Truth Teller and co-founder of the Maine Wabanki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Esther Attean, will present at the workshop. 

The interactive workshop, which qualifies for Contact Hours, will show teachers how to use the AWTT materials to:

  • Inspire students to discover and develop their individual potential
  • Create engaged citizens who are critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Help students connect their talents and passions and lead meaningful lives

​AWTT offers a wide variety of materials and programs for teachers & classrooms that connect to and fulfill requirements of the Common Core. 

Contact Connie Carter for more information. 

Some Common Core Applications Include


  • Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source
  • Identify author's point of view or purpose
  • Distinguish among fact, opinion, and reasoned judgment in text


  • Write arguments focused on discipline-specific content
  • Support claims with logical reasoning and relevant data and evidence
  • Write informative/explanatory texts
  • Produce clear and coherent writing
  • Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary

Speaking and Listening

  • Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions
  • Delineate a speaker's argument and specific claims, evaluating the soundness of the reasoning and sufficiency of the evidence
  • Present claims and findings in a focused, coherent manner with relevant evidence