Robert Shetterly Keynote Speaker at National Canvassers Conference

Robert Shetterly will be a Keynote speaker  at the Hudson Bay Company's National Canvassers Conference, a gathering of phone & field canvassers from across the country.

The canvassers are mostly young people involved in grassroots census taking and organizing. Robert will speak about the relationship of grassroot democracy to institutional democracy and use examples of the lives & work of many of the people whose portraits he has painted.

On Saturday he will give two workshops. One on making a self-portrait & writing on it something you believe. The other will focus on examining some of his portraits & analyzing the artistic message, the written message & the historical context. 

From the Hudson Bay Company website: 

Hudson Bay Company provides a variety of services for progressive non-profit advocacy organizations, political candidates, and ballot initiatives. Hudson Bay was the first company in the United States to employ campaign style, door-to-door work to benefit the environment, women's health issues, energy policies, and an array of other issues by adding a fundraising component to the political message. In the years since our founding in 1973, we have converted hundreds of millions of dollars in individual contributions into political action through the direct involvement of the community at large.

From the most local grassroots activity, such as garnering volunteers, voter identification, get-out-the-vote drives and yard signs, to the highest office in the nation, Hudson Bay has been there to bring household voices into the political process.