Robin Wall Kimmerer To Speak at Portrait Unveiling & AWTT Fundraiser

Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

Saturday May 13 at 7 pm

Emlen Hall, The Bay School in Blue Hill, Maine*

Portrait Unveiling by Rob Shetterly

Author Talk

Music by Timbered Lake and Shawn Mercer


*The Bay School address is 17 Bay School Dr. off South St. east of Tradewinds.

An Appeal to the Friends of AWTT

Americans Who Tell the Truth is  proud to have initiated the effort to bring Robin Wall Kimmerer to Blue Hill and to be unveiling her portrait at this event. We are also extremely grateful to our co-sponsors, among them the Reversing Falls Sanctuary, Blue Hill Books, Wabanaki Reach, Maine Veterans for Peace, Peninsula Peace and Justice, and The Reversing Falls Women's Circle.  Ms. Kimmerer's wise voice tells us what values we must choose to live by to survive on a healthy planet. Scientist, botanist, native storyteller, activist -- Ms. Kimmerer is fundamentally an educator for  political and social communities desperately in need of education.

Since 2002, Americans Who Tell the Truth has been dedicated to providing models of courageous citizenship. Now, the fundamental focus of the AWTT organization is educational. The more than 220 portraits travel to schools, colleges, libraries and churches all over the US.

But our primary initiative is right here in Maine's middle schools. Through our Samantha Smith Challenge (SSC) we engage hundreds of students around the state, helping them to identify and address key social, economic and environmental issues; research those issues; and then work toward real world solutions. The SSC is now in its third year. The first year seven schools participated. This year 12 schools will bring students to the culminating event at Thomas College on June 5, Samantha Smith Day.  

Because of this growth and the enthusiasm for our work in schools, we need your help!

We need funding to complete the programming for this year's SSC and to expand the program within Maine next year. Please make a donation. Let's help students realize their power to be agents of change as they follow the wisdom of Robin Wall Kimmerer and other models of courageous citizenship to make a better future for us all.

Make your donation on the AWTT website or by returning this letter with a check to 46 Bridge Road, Brooksville, Maine 04617. Americans Who Tell the Truth is a 501 c (3) non-profit and your donations are fully deductible.

Thank you,

Robert Shetterly, Founder and artist


More on Braiding Sweetgrass:

"Braiding Sweetgrass has become an essential companion for my life. I was sold early on in the book when Kimmerer talked about the importance of integrating scientific ways of knowing, indigenous ways of knowing and storytelling ─ what an incredible trinity! My first exposure to the book was on my Kindle Fire, and thus I was treated to Robin's melodious voice as she told her stories. In every chapter, I was gifted with new ways of looking at our world. I had never heard of mast fruiting (Council of Pecans) ─ if one tree fruits, they all fruit. All flourishing is mutual. Wow! What a lesson from our Mother Earth, and these teachings are multiplied in every chapter. We learn how trees communicate, we learn how we are all beneficiaries of reciprocity, we learn the value of the gift economy. We learn that strawberries belong to themselves and that we dwell in a world full of gifts scattered right at our feet! I will be forever grateful to Robin Wall Kimmerer for tilting the axis of my world just enough so that I am seeing with new eyes and understanding our world with new insights."                                                                                                         Anne Ferrara


"I have been mightily impacted by Robin Wall Kimmerer's books, both Gathering Moss and Braiding Sweetgrass. I have been using her thoughts and words to create ritual for change in our Sanctuary community for years. Rereading Braiding Sweetgrass with our women's circle has brought great delight to me. Here is a Kimmerer text from an Equinox ceremony I conducted with Susan Merrill and Leslie Goode: Ceremony is a vehicle for belonging. . . to a family, to a people, and to the land. Ceremonies large and/ small have the power to focus attention to a way of living AWAKE in the world."       Pat Wheeler


"Something I love about Kimmerer's writing is that she weaves all the threads of her knowledge, experience, in short. . . life, in such a way that one aspect informs and enhances the other. She doesn't separate her science background from her mothering, gardening, or native traditions. She sees that everything truly is connected and this becomes the base coherent structure of her writing."                                                              Daksha Baumann


"Robin Kimmerer's writing is so full of tough insight and vulnerable openness, precise scientific description and philosophical musing, humble gratitude and stern prescription. . . in short she teaches how to see our broken relationship with nature and history and how to make it whole again. This quote is one of many I've copied out from Braiding Sweetgrass:The fear for me is that the world has been turned inside out, the dark side made to seem light. Indulgent self-interest that our people once held to be monstrous is now celebrated as success. We are asked to admire what our people viewed as unforgiveable."                                                                                                                                                                                                         Rob Shetterly

"The thought that comes to mind is the primacy of greed or selfishness as a single commandment versus the 10 of Judaism and Christianity. With income equality escalating (and more so with our President's proposed tax revision favoring the rich), the focus on an economic system which creates extravagant luxuries for a tiny portion of the populace, while a large percentage are without basic needs, appears particularly germane. I believe in the adage, There is nothing more powerful as an idea whose time has come. I'm hoping this next idea will be Medicare for all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tony Ferrara