AWTT in Louisville

In 2004, Americans Who Tell the Truth began its relationship to the Louisville community when Michele Hemenway organized an exhibit of six portraits and a youth forum held at St. Francis High School. Since that time Louisville community interest has grown. Through the efforts of Hemenway, the generous support of the arts and education organization, SYNAPSE, the Kentucky chapter of the ACLU, the Muhammad Ali Center, Joe Gutmann, Laura Rothstein and others in the Louisville community, there have been portrait exhibits and/or AWTT educational programs at Kentucky Community College and Technical Schools, Louisville Visual Arts Association, the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, the Muhammad Ali Center, Breckenridge Franklin Elementary, the Noe Middle School, the Central High Law Magnet, and The University of Louisville Brandeis Law School, among others.

AWTT’s impact in the Louisville community has involved students, teachers, and large number of Louisville citizens who have participated in exhibit planning, activities, related musical performances and other events. Hundreds of individuals who support AWTT in the area and the multiple Louisville organizations that continue to make the portraits and educational activities available are evidence of widespread interest. In 2012, the following AWTT/partner programs took place:

  • KYCAAH: March 2012: Exhibit of Women Leaders and Environmental Justice.
  • The Muhammad Ali Center: From Labor Day to Thanksgiving 2012, 42 portraits that told the story of the civil rights movement, including Muhammad Ali’s story, were hosted at the center along with events such as films, gallery talks by the artist and events planned by the Muhammad Ali Center Council of Students.
  • Jefferson County Public School Professional Development: In both March and August more than one hundred teachers, social workers and behavior coaches were taught how to use of AWTT themes and materials as an ongoing part of what they do with students.

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