AWTT in Maine

During the fall of 2012, AWTT launched a new program to run professional development workshops for Maine teachers, training them to use the portraits, biographies, resources and website in their classrooms to engage and motivate students and to create bridges between the school and the community.

AWTT's work addresses what has been referred to as the growing "Civic Engagement Gap" or "Citizen Participation Gap" in the U.S. Young, poor, minority, and rural Americans under-participate in the civic life of our communities and the nation. A combination of apathy, confusion and cynicism can make many of us unsure about what to do to solve the problems we face in our communities and our world.

To date, AWTT has run workshops in Belfast, Maine at Waterfall Arts, at Ellsworth High School, and at the University of Southern Mainess Lewiston Auburn College.

Based on this work, AWTT has been awarded a grant from the Kay E. Dopp Fund of the Maine Community Foundation to offer workshops around the State of Maine during the 2013-2014 school year.

Teachers interested in attending this workshop or in organizing a workshop for their school or district should contact Connie Carter: .