Video: "Ella´s Song" Performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock

Listen to Sweet Honey in the Rock perform Bernice JohnsonReagon´s great "Ella´s Song" about the Civil Rights activist, Ella Baker.You

Video: Russell Libby´s TEDxDirigo Talk

Russell Libby(read his BIO and see is AWTT Portrait here)planted his first garden after getting free seeds at the end of fourth grade.

Video: Michelle Alexander Lecture at the Demos Organization: February 18, 2010

Listen to Michelle Alexander´s lecture at the Demos Organization from February 18, 2010.

Zoe Weil: TEDx Talk on Humane Education

AWTT Truth Teller, Zoe Weil talks about creating a generation of "solutionaries" and providing "every student with the knowledge, tools and motivation to to

Operation Breaking Stereotypes

Following an Operation Breaking Stereotypes exchange in 2007, Welcome to My World tells the story of two groups of teenagers from disparate walks of life an

Robert Shetterly at St. Edward´s University

In January 2012, Robert Shetterly spent a week as an artist-in-residence at St. Edward´s University in Austin, Texas.