Ai-jen Poo Shines Hollywood Spotlight on Domestic Workers


Ai-Jen Poo, the executive director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, walked the Globes carpet for the second time Sunday with Alfonso Cuaron. (Her 2018 date was Meryl Streep.) Poo has been a vocal advocate for Cuaron's film Roma, which follows domestic worker Cleo as her employers' marriage falls apart.

"For years, the domestic work movement has worked to bring the Cleos of the world into our collective field of vision, so that the women who care for us would not only be written into the story, but could shape our choices — about the kind of society we want for our children," Poo wrote in a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter in December. "Roma gave us a story that somehow — despite it being in black and white, set in a different time and another country — gives us a new, more human and complete context through which to see the people that hold our families together and support us to be who we are, and honor those anew."

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