Bill Griffen, Educator and Activist, Added to AWTT Series

Bill Griffen, the longest tenured professor in State University of New York (SUNY) history, and a lifelong activist for a number of progressive causes, has been added to the AWTT portrait series. Robert Shetterly finished Griffen´s portrait in time to coincide with a show held at the campus where Griffen taught, SUNY Cortland. 

While some of the portrait subjects are know best for one act, or one cause, Griffen has been included as an example of an inspired lifetime of commitment. Griffen motivated generations of students not just to teach, but to get involved in the causes that mattered most to them. As a young professor, Griffen himself was inspired by a student who asked Griffen what he did, apart from his teaching. Griffen studied the big picture and the connections between economics, politics, war and justice. As such, he participated in various activist movements, including the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War Movement, and for environmental justice. 

Read his biography here