Frances Moore Lappé changed how we eat. She wants to do the same for our democracy.

David Marchese interviews Frances Moore Lappé about the preservation of democracy. 

“I want to shift people away from thinking: Democracy, that’s for somebody else. That’s policy, wonky stuff,” said Lappé, who is 75 and whose most recent book, with Adam Eichen, is “Daring Democracy.” “It’s not. Participating in democracy is the essence of a good life.”

"...We have to work on courage. This is the time to do what scares us. Rather than being individualistic, humans are actually so social that it’s hard to be different from the pack — even if the pack is heading over the falls. But fear doesn’t have to kill us. Fear can be exhilarating. Choose people in your life who are gutsier than you, more willing to take risks, and absorb that from them and be courageous yourself. That is what this moment calls for. We see how vulnerable we are to being told that the enemy is 'them.' We have that tendency, but we’re capable of overcoming it. If we understand that we’re vulnerable to it and work against it, that would make a huge difference. Because we’ve got to pull together. That’s what democracy is all about."

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AWTT portrait of Frances Moore Lappé