Ida B. Wells Honored by Union Station Mosaic

Washington, D.C.

Union Station, Washington, D.C.
August 24-28, 2020

"Anna Laymon,  Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission Executive Director, told CNN, 'What we are able to do with this art installation is that we can show the depths of this movement. It wasn't just one woman who fought for the right to vote, it was thousands.'

The mosaic is 1,000 sq ft and was commissioned by the  Women's Suffrage Centennial. The mural is titled "Our Story: Portraits of Change" and was designed by artist Helen Marshall of the People's Picture. Within Wells’ image, there also smaller images of countless other women suffragists and activists who fought for the right to vote."

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AWTT portrait of Ida B. Wells
AWTT portrait of Jeannette Rankin
AWTT portrait of Alice Paul