Labor Day Champions

Labor Day. End of summer. Family gatherings. Picnics. County fairs. Back to school. 

Meanwhile, labor advocates continue to do the hard work of improving the lives of American workers. 

Here are a few news stories about AWTT portrait subjects laboring tirelessly on behalf of Americans who struggle to make a living. 

Ai-Jen Poo advocates for federal legislation that would ensure the rights and protections of millions of domestic workers across United States, saying their exclusion is "a legacy of slavery."  Read more and watch video interview at The Hill

Diane Wilson - along with former Formosa Plastics Corp. factory workers and others - fights for zero-discharge standards to clean up the water in Cox's Creek and Lavaca Bay near her home town of Seadrift, Texas.  Full story at Plastics News

And let us not forget Frances Perkins, serving as Secretary of Labor from 1933-1945, who "did more to improve the conditions of working Americans than any cabinet member in our history."  See  older Observer story here.  And, more recently, Perkins is being remembered as a cabinet member who fought for welcoming refugee policies.  Contingent Magazine

AWTT portrait of Ai-Jen Poo
AWTT portrait of Frances Perkins
AWTT portrait of Diane Wilson