Lateefah Simon: a creative force in San Francisco

San Francisco

Catching up with Lateefah Simon:

  • Serving on BART Board of Directors (20016-2020), she is pitching the idea of using retired transit cars for housing. (“How do we house the houseless? The last thing you’d think about is a BART car. But I tell you we’re about to put hundreds of new cars on the rails, and we have old cars we’re getting rid of. It gets cold at night,” she said.)
  • Meanwhile, Simon's Akonadi Foundation partnered with over 160 Oakland-based organizations in 2018, giving grants totaling $3.2 million dollars. These investments supported efforts to curb criminalization of people of color through organizing and policy work, cultural work, healing, and integrated voter engagement strategies. 
  • Simon also serves on the board of the Rosenberg Foundation, which seeks to change the odds for Californians through statewide grantmaking to support policy change.
  • In her spare time, Simon is serving as a Trustee for the California State Univerisity system, providing her with another broad platform to advocate for racial and gender justice. 

Just the highlights.  Thank you, Lateefah, for your seemingly endless creativity, tenacity and inspiration.