Malcolm X Convicted Killers Exonerated; Bryan Stevenson Speaks Out

Two men convicted for the shooting death of activist and prominent Civil Rights leader Malcolm X are set to be exonerated decades after the tragedy. The New York Times reported Muhammed Aziz and Khalil Islam will have their convictions overturned after an investigation uncovered evidence previously withheld by law enforcement. ... [B]oth Aziz and Islam spent more than 20 years in prison despite a questionable case from the beginning and widespread belief in their innocence.

Civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson reflected on past and ongoing injustices within the court and prison systems: "It's long overdue... . This is one of the most prominent figures of the 20th century who commanded enormous attention and respect. And yet, our system failed.  ... It undermines already tenuous and fragile confidence in the rule of law to protect Black voices that were challenging bigotry and discrimination ...  .  And it also just represented our continuing problem with reliability and fairness, and those are the problems that we’re still reckoning with today.”

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AWTT portrait of Malcolm X
AWTT portrait of Bryan Stevenson