Wendell Berry Farming Program revived by partnership with Sterling College

Lacie Kentucky

Wendell_Berry_farmingThe Wendell Berry Farming Program is up and running again after a two-year hiatus, precipitated by the unexpected closing in 2016 of St. Catharine College in Springfield, where the program was based. This time, however, the program's home will stay in Henry County, even if it's new collegiate partner is at Sterling College in Vermont.

Eventually, the program will be expanded to most of a student's junior and senior years, and Kentucky students will be able to apply as well. Students who finish the program will receive a bachelors in sustainable agriculture from Sterling.

The ultimate goal, Mary Berry admits, is ambitious: "I would love that while we're teaching young people and working on an economy to help young farmers, we can help the re-population of rural America with people who value where they are."

Read more in the Lexington Herald-Leader (Sept. 7, 2018)