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  • May 2011 Robert Shetterly interviewed by Bruce Gagon on "This Issue". Robert discusses the origin of the project and the range of subjects that are part of the AWTT series.
  • Listen to Howard Zinn speak at an AWTT exhibit at Emerson College.

  • Read Lisa Panepinto's interview with Robert Shetterly on her blog River Pine Anthology of Civic Discourse.

    In the interview, Robert Shetterly says:

    "I got interested in social justice when I was in high school. I went to a little white high school in Cincinnati, and when I was a senior, my older brother who had graduated, myself, and a few other people, insisted that the school integrate. This was in 1964. My older brother had a big affect on changing my thinking about sense of social justice. In 1964 he went to Freedom Summer in Mississippi, over the objections of my parents and everybody else he knew. The need to register black people to vote in the South was not something a lot of people were even aware of in Ohio."

  • David Swanson interviewed Rob Shetterly for his show on "Talk Nation Radio". Listen here: