AWTT Unit of Study: Elementary School

Subject: I am not a Resident. I am a Citizen.
Age groups: Elementary School
Resource type: Units of Study

Unit of Study Title:

"I Am Not a Resident. I Am a Citizen"

Students in Grades 3-5 are naturally curious to know more about the people they study beyond the names and dates in the social studies books.

AWTT focuses its materials for this age group on these biographical stories, believing they are important to the development of young minds and hearts.

Additionally, we see the desire among students at this time in their lives to talk about things they question or find confusing and to engage their local communities, neighborhoods, places of worship and schools.

Recognizing this, AWTT had created this unit to help students find a voice for their hopes and concerns and to see themselves as visionaries and active citizens like those of the portrait subjects whose lives they have studied.

Recommended grade level:

Grade 3- 5

Time required:

Minimum: Four weeks. Maximum : Semester

Core Content Areas:

Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Arts and Humanities, Science


Students will follow the Portrait Study Cycle as outlined by AWTT to engage in local civic activity.

Formative Assessment tools:

Ongoing journal pages, documentation of portrait study. Oral presentation of civic issue and visual documentation of the process.

Summative Assessment tools:

Final presentation of civic activity.

AWTT Teacher Tools and Lesson Plan Titles/

Lesson Sequence:

Intro to AWTT

Portrait Study Cycle

Tree of Problems

Tree of Solutions

Tree of Life

Portrait Cycle Study

Portrait Study List for Elementary School

Elementary School Teacher Civic Activity Form

Elementary School Student Civic Activity Form

Elementary School Take Home A Truth Teller Form

Teacher Notes: