AWTT Unit of Study: High School

Subject: Creating Opportunities for the Beloved Community
Age groups: High School
Resource type: Units of Study

Unit of Study Title:

"Creating Opportunities for the Beloved Community"

This Unit of Study, designed for students of high school age and older, is rooted in Martin Luther King Jr.´s concept of the "beloved community."

Students will engage in portrait studies to understand the concept of beloved community and to analyze how local and national institutions and laws support or detract from its realization.

Historically, young people were engaged deeply in their communities as apprentices and in other active roles. AWTT will help them explore meaningful ways to participate in their communities.

Students will form groups that focus on specific local issues. They will then create an AWTT exhibit to raise awareness about their issue. Exhibits may include original AWTT portraits or posters, books, films and speakers. Students will write press releases to send to local media outlets and to raise awareness in their community about their concerns.

Students will learn about the tools that have been used historically to advance understanding of the "beloved community."

Recommended grade level:

Grade 9-12

Time required:

Minimum: Four weeks. Maximum : Semester/Year long

Core Content Areas:

Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Arts and Humanities, Public Speaking, Civics, Character Education, Law and Political Science, Sciences


Students will create an Exhibit to raise awareness about a local issue of concern. The Exhibit may include the portraits, films, speakers, books. Students will use press releases, blogs, websites and other means to communicate their concerns and publicize the Exhibit.

Formative Assessment tools:

Ongoing journal pages, documentation of portrait study. Documentation of process: notes on films, books, articles and any other tools of study

Summative Assessment tools:

Exhibit design presentation

AWTT Teacher Tools and Lesson Plan Titles/Lesson Sequence

Intro to AWTT

Portrait Study Cycle

Portrait Study List for High School

High School Teacher Exhibit Planning Form

High School Student Exhibit Planning Form

Teacher Notes: