AWTT Unit of Study: Middle School

Subject: Citizenship: Ask Questions Seek Solutions
Age groups: Middle School
Resource type: Units of Study

Unit of Study Title:

Citizenship: "Ask Questions. Seek Solutions"

Middle school students often find their lives to be in a "holding pattern"; they are intellectually capable of forming insightful questions and need to be given the opportunity to explore those questions in a meaningful way.

In this Unit, students study the questions posed by the portrait subjects and the context of how/when/where/why they asked those questions of their communities and their country.

We ask students to form their own questions about citizenship and to use them to interview the adults around them. This is an important age where young people can develop the foundational skills that will enable them to engage their communities and seek solutions to community problems.

As a follow up, students are asked to host a forum to which the wider community is invited to participate. During the forum, participants are asked questions by the students that prompt conversation and allow the community to share ideas and responses and to envision solution oriented outcomes for their lives and communities. Seeing the adults in their communities address them seriously and authentically is a powerful experience for students.

Recommended grade level:

Grade 6-8

Time required:

Minimum: Four weeks. Maximum : Semester/Year long

Core Content Areas:

Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Arts and Humanities, Public Speaking, Civics, Character Education, Science


Students create a citizenship interview portfolio for presentation in a community forum.

Formative Assessment tools:

Ongoing journal pages, documentation of portrait study. Documentation of interview process. Documentation of forum planning process.

Summative Assessment tools:

Citizenship Portfolio. Forum participation

AWTT Teacher Tools and Lesson Plan Titles/ Lesson Sequence

Intro to AWTT

Portrait Study Middle School

Citizenship Interviews Project

Forum Planning Project

Portrait Cycle Study

Portrait Study List for Middle School

Middle School Teacher Forum Planning Sheet

Middle School Student Citizenship Interview Planning Sheet

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