Bill Bigelow of Rethinking Schools Gets Scholastic to Stop Sending Pro-Coal Pamphlet

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Age groups: High School
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In a 2011 article, Journalist Anne Laufe wrote for The Oregonian about how Bill Bigelow, curriculum editor for Rethinking Schools, convinced the publishing giant, Scholastic, to stop sending pro-coal industry pamphlets to teachers. Read the full article here.

From the article:

Bill Bigelow is a soft-spoken man, most often dressed in blue jeans and a ball cap. He looks as if he'd be more at home bouncing a baby on his knee than battling the heads of a multinational corporation.
But Bigelow, a retired Portland high school teacher and longtime Northeast Portland resident, is the man behind a movement that successfully lobbied Scholastic, the world's largest publisher of children's books, to stop distributing a pamphlet it had created for the American Coal Foundation.