Bullying - Messalonskee Middle School: SSC 2015

Subject: Bullying
Themes: Community Development Young Activists Education 21st Century
Age groups: Elementary School Middle School
Resource type: Video

Samantha Smith Challenge

Messalonskee Middle School

Grades 7 and 8

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The Issue: Bullying

The Question: "What is bullying and what can we do to stop it?

Community Partners and Stakeholders:

  • We tried to contact the local newspaper (The Morning Sentinel) and television station (WABI TV 5), but did not get a response.
  • Oakland Police Department and High School
  • Resource Officer Tracy Frost
  • Alfond Youth Center


  • stopbullying.gov
  • childtrends.org
  • stompoutbullying.org
  • Middle school principal, the middle school resource officer, and students from different grade levels

Facts Learned that Influenced Your Thinking:

  • Oakland PD and Human Resource Officer talked to us about bullying as it relates to adults and harassment, and how at early ages it can be prevented from getting to the criminal level with efforts such as ours to educate and prevent bullying.
  • Suicide rates among 10-14 year olds have grown more than 50% over the last three decades.
  • One in seven students in grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim.
  • In 2011, 14% of children ages 2-17 experienced physical bullying, and 37% experienced teasing and emotional bullying.
  • Some reasons for bullying include: lack of attention from a parent at home, neglect, divorced parents, drug/alcohol use in the home, domestic violence or conflicts at home, thinking badly of others, negative perceptions of life, difficulty following rules, viewing violence as a positive/effective way to respond to problems, having friends who bully others.
  • Information learned from anonymous research used in the video in the form of statistics or verbal responses to students' own experiences with the issue of bullying.

Plan of Action:

  • We created "STOP, WALK, TALK." as a slogan to promote our anti-bullying initiative.
  • We assigned the following individual jobs: interviewing community stakeholders; iMovie making; researching bullying statistics; contacting stakeholders; library research.


  • Tim Lecrone, program director at Alfond Youth Center in Waterville, Maine, agreed to show our "Stop, Walk, Talk" video at the youth center.
  • Students have been engaging in the steps of "Stop, Walk, Talk" initiative based upon flyers posted around our school.
  • School to community connections were made with local law enforcement officials.
  • Students became aware of realistic statistics about the types, frequency, and effects of bullying in our schools and communities today.

Ongoing support needed:

  • Technical support was needed from our technology teacher.
  • School officials and students were consulted.
  • One AWTT/Samantha Smith Challenge official visited to inquire about our progress.
  • School support person, Lindsay Mahoney, provided onsite support to teachers/classrooms participating.
  • Support to be able to send representative groups/students to the June1, 2015, events in Augusta related to this project.


Addison Littlefield 7 Alexis York 8

Amelia Bradfield 8 Bradley Condon 7

Brennen Francis 7 Caitlin Parks 8

Cameron Croft 7 Davis Moore 8

Dharani Singaram 7 Dylan Cunningham 7

Ella Nash 7 Ethan Gilles 8

Jake Perry 7 Kate Robertson 8

Katie Worcester 8 Lydia Bradfield 7

Pyper Birch 8 Steven Cude 8

Teacher: Erinn S. Michaud

Quotation from Student:

"At first it was hard to come up with ideas, but after we came up with ideas everything just fell into place. " -- Jake Perry, Grade 7