Catharine Sedgwick: Slavery in New England

Subject: The Story of the Life of Mumbet Freeman
Themes: Women's Rights Civil Rights 19th Century
Age groups: Elementary School Middle School High School Homeschooling
Resource type: Books

Click to read Catharine Sedgwick´s story of Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman on the Massachusetts Historical Society´s website.

From the website: This manuscript story of the life of Mumbet was written by author Catharine Maria Sedgwick, and published as "Slavery in New England" in Bentley's Miscellany in 1853. The youngest daughter of Judge Theodore Sedgwick and Pamela Dwight Sedgwick, Catharine was born and educated in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. As a young adult, she divided her time between Stockbridge, Albany, where she lived with her brother Theodore, and New York with her sister. After the death of their father in 1813, she returned to Stockbridge to preside over the family home...Sedgwick was very close to her nurse, Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman, and this manuscript reflects her love and respect for the former slave. In it, Sedgwick describes Mumbet helping a poor black child - her sister Lizzie - who appealed to Mumbet's master, John Ashley, for assistance; her request to Judge Sedgwick and her fight for freedom; and her subsequent lifelong service to the Sedgwick family, including her loyal defense of the Sedgwick home during Shays's Rebellion in 1787.