Cesar Chavez Foundation

Subject: Workers Rights
Themes: Worker's Rights 21st Century 20th Century
Age groups: Middle School High School Homeschooling
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The Cesar Chavez Foundation´s mission is to "enrich and improve the lives of farm worker and Latino families outside the work place by meeting their essential human, cultural, and community needs.
 Latinos are the largest and fastest-growing group in America. Yet, Latinos face enormous challenges and flagrant discrimination living in this country, lagging far behind the nation in areas such as education and home ownership. Their progress has been especially slow in the last 20 years, with little or no improvement, for example, in the rates of high school graduation and college enrollment. Similarly, while conditions for farm workers, almost 90 percent of whom are Latino, have improved since the movement's early days, there is a long way to go towards ensuring equal opportunity. The needs of farm workers also continue to evolve with each successive generation and new wave of immigration.
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