Child Abuse -- Messalonskee Middle School: SSC 2015

Subject: Child abuse, Emotional abuse, Child Neglect
Themes: Community Development Young Activists Civil Rights 21st Century
Age groups: Middle School High School
Resource type: Video

Samantha Smith Challenge

Messalonskee Middle School

Grade 8

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The Issue: The rate of child abuse in the state of Maine

The Question: How can we help children who have been abused reach out and receive help, to be able to live a life like any other child should be able to?

Community Partners and Stakeholders:

  • Somerset County Family Enrichment Council (Somerset County)
  • Families First (Kennebec County)

Facts Learned that Influenced Your Thinking:

  • From 2011 to 2013, the rate of child abuse in Maine increases by 58%.
  • Also in the United States, a report for child abuse is made every ten seconds. *More in video below.

Plan of Action:

Presentation to students on our team, Fundraisers, Volunteer, Create a Facebook Page


Kaiisha Pluard

Hailey Moore

Surae Dunn

Micheala Lamontagne

Teacher: Martha Farnham

Comment about the Samantha Smith Challenge:

"The students were passionate about their issue and seemed to enjoy researching and presenting on it." -- Martha Farnham, Teacher