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Chris Hedges' archive on Truthdig where you can read what he thinks about a broad range of topics from government surveillance to the Zapatista self-government in southern Mexico.

From part one of a seven-part discussion between Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer, founder of Ramparts Magazine and editor-in-chief of Truthdig, on The Real News Network:

...What Edward Snowden did, and the reason he's one of the most important individuals to emerge in modern American history, is that the courage of this 29-year-old at the time in turning over this massive amount of data made it irrefutable that this government has destroyed the notion of the free market. That's what is being ignored by the people who call Snowden a traitor, I think. Snowden provided this incredibly invaluable educational service to say there is no private sector, that the private and the government are merged ... This is the military-industrial complex with a vengeance that Eisenhower warned about, but now it's a military-intelligence complex.