Chris Hedges Interviewed by Paul Jay of Reality News Network

Subject: Chris Hedges, Paul Jay, Revolution, Fascism, Corporate Serveillance Intelligence State
Themes: Food & Health Worker's Rights Whistleblowers Economics and Business Education Civil Rights 21st Century 20th Century Environmental Issues Politicians Journalism and Media
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Chris Hedges is interviewed in a multi-segment conversation with Paul Jay of Reality News Network's series "Reality Asserts Itself". The dicussion covers Hedges' life, philosophy, politics, and the nexus between career and morality.

"Hope has a cost. Hope is not comfortable or easy. Hope requires personal risk. It is not about the right attitude. Hope is not about peace of mind. Hope is action. Hope is doing something. The more futile, the more useless, the more irrelevant and incomprehensible an act of rebellion is, the vaster and more potent hope becomes.

Hope never makes sense. Hope is weak, unorganized and absurd. Hope, which is always nonviolent, exposes in its powerlessness, the lies, fraud and coercion employed by the state. Hope knows that an injustice visited on our neighbor is an injustice visited on all of us. Hope posits that people are drawn to the good by the good. This is the secret of hope's power. Hope demands for others what we demand for ourselves. Hope does not separate us from them. Hope sees in our enemy our own face."
Chris Hedges