Civil Rights Movement Veterans -- Fannie Lou Hamer

Subject: Civil Rights, SNCC, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Oral History
Themes: Civil Rights 20th Century
Age groups: Middle School High School Homeschooling
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The marvellous Civil Rights Movement Veterans website was developed to provide those who worked in the Civil Rights Movement a place to tell their stories and share the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Within the site, there is a section dedicated to those veterans who have passed away. Fannie Lou Hamer is included in that section. The site has a host of links to additional information related to the history of the Civil Rights Movement. It also includes the transcript of a speech that Hamer gave in Harlem in December 1964. Below is an example of the kind of peronal and humanizing anecdotes found on this site.

As remembered by Franklynn Peterson: Fannie Lou Hamer probably influenced me at least as much as any woman in my life. If only I could have been mature enough and wise enough to have soaked up more of her wisdom when it could have done me some good.

She came up to Brooklyn NY on one of her frequent fundraising trips, and I was living in Brooklyn at the time. She made sure I got notified of the event so I went even though I was just starting to recover from Hepatitis A. She was just recovering from a very serious illness, so when I got to the affair they sent me into a back room where Ms Hamer lying down watching TV. She was watching All In the Family (the "Archie Bunker" show)!!! "Is that the best show you can find?" I asked. "I try to never miss it," she told me. "It's the only TV show that tells it like it really is!" So we sat and watched America's professional racist do his thing, and oh how she could laugh at it.