Discrediting Whistleblowers by Kristina Borjesson

Subject: Investigative Journalism, Whistleblowers, Integrity in Journalism
Themes: Journalism and Media
Resource type: Articles

Kristina Borjesson, the producer and director of the investigative documentary "TWA Flight 800" responds to Geoffrey Gray's piece in New York Magazine's conspiracy compendium compiled by editor David Wallace-Wells.

No reporter is forced to write a hit piece, engage in un-fact-checked official source reporting, or report lies. Every reporter who does chooses to do so, often with impunity. Worse, when whistleblowers and competent journalists step in to correct their inaccurate reporting, these reporters often go on the attack. The damage they do to civil society and the social fabric is easy to see. America is not the country it used to be, and with their work, these journalists have contributed to the current state of affairs.