Getting to Know AWTT: Connecting with Changemakers -- An Activity for the Samantha Smith Challenge

Subject: Samantha Smith Challenge
Themes: Young Activists
Resource type: Teacher Tools


(A Pre-registration activity for the Samantha Smith Challenge)

  1. On the AWTT homepage, click on the Portrait Galleries tab. To the right of the page look for the Themes menu (see image below). Choose a theme (or multiple themes) that is meaningful to you and your students.

2. Complete the following thought in a sentence or short paragraph:

We chose this theme because…

3. Choose (at least) two portraits connected to the chosen theme and for each of the selected portraits answer the following questions as a class, in breakout groups, or as an individual activity (whichever suits your classroom goals and methods):

Portrait subject name:

  • Look at the portrait. How does it make you feel? Why do you think it makes you feel that way?

  • List three (3) things this person did to address the issue:




  • In a short paragraph, say what motivated this person committed time and energy to this issue?