Healthy Food - York Middle School: SSC 2015

Subject: Eating healthy food, Nutrition, Sustainable diet
Themes: Food & Health Young Activists 21st Century Environmental Issues
Age groups: Elementary School Middle School
Resource type: Video

Samantha Smith Challenge

York Middle School

Team Snow Leopard, Team 1

Grade 7

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The Issue: Eating Healthy

The Question: What does it mean to eat healthy?

Community Partners and Stakeholders:

  • Local farmers
  • Local Hannaford store
  • YMS community

Facts and Resources that Influenced Your Thinking:

  • Students watched the movie Food Inc., which gave them an overview of the food system here.
  • They started their research around the topics of GMO's, pesticides, corn products, Monsanto, and slaughterhouses.
  • Through their research, they realized that they had to re-focus and choose a specific topic, as the topic of "food revolution" was too big. They decided on "what it means to eat healthy".

Plan of Action:

  • To teach the YMS and York communities about what it means to eat healthy.
  • Make a website with the following:
  • Tasty Tips for eating healthy
  • Tips for how to plant a garden
  • Tips for what to pack for healthy school lunches
  • PSA with this info in it
  • Hanging Tasty Tip signs around the school and at the local Hannaford.
  • Make healthy snacks for the team while we showcase our projects.


Findings of research include:

  • What it means to eat healthy--
  • Eat nutritious foods that your body will like.
  • Upping fruit & vegetable intake.
  • Limiting the amount of processed foods.
  • Eat meat & animal products in moderation.
  • Go to your local farmer's markets.


  • Belle Babcock Grace Beecher

  • Lily Brodski Ashley Carney

  • Leah Daigneault Aidan Drew

  • Sydney Fogg Riley Johnston

  • Delaney LaBonte Sara L.amoureaux

  • Riley Linn Justin Suarez

  • Logan Works

Teacher: Melissa Fenelon

Names of people who made the video: Riley Linn & Riley Johnston

Thoughts about this experience:

"I gained confidence in speaking by going to the farmers market and interviewing the farmers." - Sydney Fogg

"This made me think about what I eat more & made me more cautious about what is in my food." - Aidan Drew

"During our showcase, it really came out how much work everyone did for the community." - Riley Linn

"It felt good to make a change in people's thoughts on healthy eating." - Leah Daigneault

"The process made me think about how I am living and eating." - Grace Beecher