Highlander Research and Education Center

Subject: Civil Rights and Social Change
Themes: Worker's Rights Young Activists Women's Rights Economics and Business Education 21st Century 20th Century Prison Pipeline
Age groups: High School Homeschooling
Resource type: Websites

Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Pete Seeger, Ralph Abernathy and Charis Horton at the Highlander Institute, 1957.Americans Who Tell the Truth seeks to use Rosa Parks' story as an example of activists organizing, civil disobedience and the need for communities to act in solidarity to achieve intentional outcomes. We want to help students see the interconnected nature of the work of hundreds, if not thousands of individuals in a cause. Students should research the Highlander Center as part of this portrait study in order to deepen their knowledge of the training and education that went into the actions that characterized the Civil Rights movement.

In the picture to the left, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Pete Seeger, Ralph Abernathy and Charis Horton stand outside the library at the Highlander Institute in 1957.