Interview with Derrick Jensen by Jari Chevalier

Subject: Environmentalism, Revolution, Reform, Apocolypse
Themes: 21st Century Environmental Issues
Age groups: High School
Resource type: Websites this interview of Derrick Jensen by Jari Chevalier, published at, Jensen discusses his views on the importance of truth telling, the destructiveness of out-of-control capitalism, and the need for various forms of resistance powered by people who follow their passions, so as not to get burned out.


Here are some quotes:

DJ: I am fully confident that if we brought down civilization, the planet would recover; but that is unthinkable, because within any abusive dynamic—whether we're talking about a family dynamic or a social dynamic—everything, every action, every moment, every thought is set up to protect the abuser. And it's the same on the global scale.

DJ: It takes someone who is really, really dull at this point to not understand that capitalism will not stop on its own. It won't stop exploiting. Let me put it this way. If space aliens were burning up the planet by pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and if they were murdering the oceans—90 percent of the large fish in the oceans are gone, and there are parts of the oceans where there is ten times as much as plastic as phytoplankton—and if they were pumping dioxin into every mother's breast milk, we would know what to do.

DJ: What I would want people to do is find what they love and then defend their beloved. We all have someone or something we love. If your issue is survivors of domestic violence, then work for that. If your issue is stopping rape, then work for that. If porn makes you really angry, then work to stop porn culture. If what you care about is salmon, then work to protect the salmon, work to remove dams, work to rehabilitate streams, work to stop logging. You know, find some issue.