Michelle Alexander´s Article in The American Prospect

Subject: Alexander on Discovering The New Jim Crow Problem
Themes: Civil Rights 21st Century Prison Pipeline
Age groups: High School
Resource type: Articles

Read Michelle Alexander´s article in The American Prospect about coming to understand "The New Jim Crow" problem.

The first time I encountered the idea that our criminal-justice system functions much like a racial caste system, I dismissed the notion. It was more than 10 years ago in Oakland when I was rushing to catch the bus and spotted a bright orange sign stapled to a telephone pole. It screamed in large, bold print: "The Drug War is the New Jim Crow." I scanned the text of the flyer and then muttered something like, "Yeah, the criminal-justice system is racist in many ways, but making such an absurd comparison doesn't help. People will just think you're crazy." I then hopped on the bus and headed to my new job as director of the Racial Justice Project for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.