Operation Breaking Stereotypes

Subject: Welcome to My World Video
Themes: Young Activists Education 21st Century
Age groups: High School
Resource type: Video

Following an Operation Breaking Stereotypes exchange in 2007, Welcome to My World tells the story of two groups of teenagers from disparate walks of life and what happens when they come together. Initially worried that Maine holds nothing but trees, cows, and racists, the New York kids have much trepidation about leaving the city. Up north, the Maine students eagerly anticipate hosting these strangers, but fear the realities of drive-by shootings and other gang violence they may face when they later visit the big city.

Operation Breaking Stereotypes is an AWTT partner.

Operation Breaking Stereotypes is a non-profit organization working with schools to help students address ethnic, socio-economic, gender, and racial stereotypes through writing, reading, music, photography, and personal connections.