Paul Jay Interviews Medea Benjamin on The Real News

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Medea Benjamin talks about her childhood, her awakening to injustices, and life as an activist and organizer in a four part interview. The sections are titled, I Was Born a Rebel, An Apology from Fidel, Obama Sucked the Steam Out of the Anti-War Movement, and The Movement Is in Silos.

"I was born in 1952, so that makes me over 60. And I grew up in a very sort of normal suburban Long Island household, Jewish parents. They weren't very political. And when I look back, I couldn't even say if they were Democrat or Republican. I think it didn't really matter very much. They voted, but they weren't involved in politics. And what they wanted from me was that I marry a Jewish doctor. That was the extent of it. And had kids. And then my life changed because the world was changing around me."

[excerpted from an interview by Paul Jay on The Real News Network.]