Small Planet Institute

Subject: Environmentalism / Economics / Healt & Food Issues
Themes: 21st Century Environmental Issues
Age groups: Middle School High School
Resource type: Websites

Frances Moore LappĂ© and her daughter, Anna LappĂ©, founded the Small Planet Institute in 2001 to "further a historic transition: a worldwide shift from the dominant, failing notion of democracy — as something done to us or for us — toward democracy as a rewarding way of life: a culture in which citizens infuse the values of inclusion, fairness and mutual accountability into all dimensions of public life. We call this Living Democracy...We create media to express and share our core philosophy and the positive, solutions stories that we're uncovering in our research from rural Virginia to rural Kenya, from Bengali villages to Brazilian favelas."

On the Small Planet Institute Website, visitors will find a number of useful resources and information about related events and activities. There is a section of the site for educators where people can learn about "Teaching EcoMind" and see a full list of the Institute´s publications.

Also, complete CVs of Frances and Anna are available.