Sustainable Energy 1 - King Middle School: SSC 2015

Subject: Energy policy, Energy use, Sustainable Energy
Themes: Young Activists Economics and Business 21st Century Environmental Issues
Age groups: Elementary School Middle School
Resource type: Video

Samantha Smith Challenge

King Middle School

Team York

Grade 8

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The Issue: Global Energy Crisis

The Questions: What energy source will most sustainably take us into the future? How can an individual's choice impact the environment?

Community Partners and Stakeholders:

  • Matt Beach, Creative Director WPXT
  • Kendall Hinckley and Tyler Frank, Composting Garbage to Garden
  • Who Is Your Farmer?
  • Craig LaPine, Cultivating Community
  • Kai Smith, Buy Local and Buoy Local People Power
  • Sarah Cushman, Bicycle Coalition of Maine
  • Gail Rice, Turn Out the Lights, CMP
  • Keep Maine Water Clean
  • Meagan Sims, Maine Healthy Beaches

Renewable Energy:

  • Jen Hatch, ReVision Energy
  • Vegetarian Power
  • Barbara Fiore, Board member for Humane Education
  • University of Southern Maine - Portland Campus

Plan of Action:

  • Verbal debates
  • Local Issue PSAs

Results: Impact on public choices for conservation


  • Catherine Paul
  • Paul Clifford
  • Ann Young
  • Marina Penalver
  • Gus Goodwin


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