Teacher Tool: A Teaching Guide to the AWTT Portraits and Resources

Subject: Beginning to Use the Portrait Pages in the Classroom
Age groups: Elementary School Middle School High School Homeschooling
Resource type: Teacher Tools

Due to the fact that we have recently relaunched our website, some of the Resources, Moments of Truth, and Teacher Tools are not yet available on the Portrait Pages. Over the next weeks and months, these will be uploaded to the site.

The Portraits: Portraits and Portrait Pages can be accessed through the Portrait Galleries page. There you will see all the AWTT portraits, which can be sorted by theme and recommended education level. By clicking on the image of an individual portrait, you will be taken to the Portrait Page (click here to see the Rosa Parks Portrait Page). The individual Portrait Pages form the core of AWTT´s educational materials.

Each Portrait Page includes the following 3 elements for teachers´ use and student research:

  1. A digital image of the original Portrait painted by Robert Shetterly. (Click on each Portrait to see a larger version.)
  2. A Quote by the subject of the Portrait.
  3. A Biography of the portrait subject written and produced by AWTT staff and volunteers. (Teachers of younger, LD or ELL students should review readability levels and adjust ahead of time.)

Resources: Many of the Portrait Pages also include a list of related Resources. Resources associated with the Portrait Pages have been previewed by AWTT Staff and selected for classroom use. Where appropriate, a resource description will include a note about its relevance for specific ages and how it might relate to the content of specific classroom work.

Resources may include:

  • Links to AWTT produced Education Materials associated with the Portrait Subject or a related theme. (For more detail, see Teacher Tools, below.)
  • Moments of Truth: A Moment of Truth is a transformational moment that caused a Portrait Subject to discover his/her calling, focus his/her activism, or discover an important truth. As Portrait Subjects make these personal stories and anecdotes available to AWTT, we will post them on the website. See the AWTT Education FAQ for more on this item.
  • Organizational websites and links affiliated with the portrait subject.
  • Youtube and other video links.
  • Articles and books associated with the individual or her/his work.
  • Links to Zinn Education resource pages.
  • Links to Zinn Education lesson plan page.
  • Products such as DVDs associated with the individual.
  • Studies and other academic work related to the AWTT Portrait Subject.