The Ludlow Massacre Resources: The American Experience

Subject: Workers Rights
Themes: Worker's Rights
Age groups: High School
Resource type: Teacher Tools

The American Experience offers a number of resources for study of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre when a large number of strikers -- including women and children -- were killed at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company owned by the powerful Rockefeller family. The resources quote from Upton Sinclair's open letter to John D. Rockefeller Jr:

"I intend to indict you for murder before the people of this country. The charges will be pressed, and I think the verdict will be "Guilty." I cannot believe that a man who dares to lead a service in a Christian church can be cognizant and therefore guilty of the crimes that have been committed under your authority. We ask nothing but a friendly talk with you. We ask that in the name of the tens of thousands of men, women and children who are this minute suffering the most dreadful wrongs, directly because of the authority which you personally have given."