We Have a Plan Documentary on Upton Sinclair's EPIC Campaign

Subject: Socialist Politics, California Politics, Upton Sinclair, EPIC Campaign
Themes: Worker's Rights Public Officials 20th Century
Age groups: High School
Resource type: Video

Lyn Goldfarb's award-winning documentary, We Have a Plan, tells the story of the Upton Sinclair's EPIC Campaign for governor of California. Scroll down to watch the film.

From the Lyn Goldfarb Website:


Somehow, in the hardest of times, with America slipping away, our parents and grandparents found the courage to fight their way out, and in the process, create a new America. The Great Depression, an unprecedented seven hour public television series, tells the untold story of how Americans responded to the greatest crisis to confront them in this century.

WE HAVE A PLAN (Episode 4)

Hollywood glamour, political intrigue and socialism combine in one of the Great Depression decade's most fascinating campaign sagas. In California, world-famous author and socialist Upton Sinclair (best known for The Jungle) runs for governor as a Democrat, promising to "End Poverty in California" and tests the limits of the New Deal. When Sinclair overwhelmingly wins the Democratic primary, the most powerful forces in California join together to wage a campaign to defeat Upton Sinclair in the November elections, and in the process, invent the modern media campaign.

1993 National Primetime PBS Broadcast

Festivals & Awards

  • Emmy Award

  • DuPont-Columbia Award

  • Time Magazine, 2nd Best Television Program, 1993