Zinn Education Project: On Coal River Film and Study Guide

Subject: Environmentalism / Economics / Politics
Themes: 21st Century 20th Century Environmental Issues
Age groups: High School Homeschooling
Resource type: Teacher Tools

The Zinn Education Project introduces educators to the award-winning documentary film, On Coal River. The film´s website offers a free, 59 page Educators Guide. Visitors will need to register to download the materials.

Says the On Coal River website: For educators interested in bringing ON COAL RIVER to the classroom, we have developed a free 59-page downloadable Educator's Guide appropriate for middle school, high school, and early college classrooms. The Guide includes three lesson plans covering coal issues, civic engagement, and environmental science, and six downloadable video clips ranging from 2 to 15 minutes in length.

From the Zinn Ed Website:

On Coal River is not just an exposition of the problems associated with mountaintop removal: We learn about the breadth of the problems through the work of the activists who tenaciously challenge the coal industry. One of the "stars" of On Coal River is Judy Bonds, the passionate organizer who became one of the most outspoken mountaintop removal opponents; she died recently at age 58. The film is long and may be too slow for some classes. But in its attention to the details of one struggle in one small community, it tells a gigantic story.