Speaking and Consulting

Artist-activist Robert Shetterly and other AWTT affilated educators are available to work with schools, colleges, churches, non-profits and groups of all ages to engage the important question for citizens who want to make the world a more peaceful and just place: "What can we do?"

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Shetterly can be hired for speaking engagements and multiple day residencies to give education and age level appropriate talks and workshops that use storytelling, art and the lives of the portrait subjects to illustrate the importance of courageous citizenship in making sure that the social, legal and economic structures in American society are aligned with our ideals. His talks encourage participants to think about the individual responsibilty required to maintain a democracy and inspire them to become more active citizens.  

Shetterly is a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow of the Council of Independent Colleges and can be contracted through that organization by member colleges for residencies and speaking engagements.

In schools, he has been hired to coach and advise student organizations, such as Civil Rights teams, environmental and gender equity groups. In addition to his work in schools and colleges around the country, he has given talks to Elderhostel conferences, church groups, teachers, community art organizations, and in libraries. 

His popular portrait workshops inspire people to reflect on the ideals and values they hold most dear, as they make their own self-portraits.  Artistic ability is not prerequisite. 


Robert Shetterly and educators affiliated with AWTT are available to work with schools, colleges, school committees, school boards, principals, and teachers to increase the relevance of curricula, particularly in History, Art, Civics, Social Studies and Ethics, to the lives of students.

AWTT´s classroom work has been shown to increase students´ performance, engagement, participation and attendance. By building bridges between the communities where students live and their schoolwork, the young people understand the value of what they are learning and their energy is better channeled into constructive civic activities. 

Specific Consulting Modules

  • The AWTT School Forum is a powerful tool to open channels of communication between students, their families and community leaders. Under the guidance of the AWTT Team, teachers help students come up with a set of "essential questions" about their communities, society in general, history, culture and public policy. The school then invites parents and community leaders to address and discuss the student´s questions in a public forum. 
  • The AWTT Political Art Workshop coaches teachers to use art in interdisciplinary ways, focusing on art that has been created specifically to engage, provoke and inspire citizens. 


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