Dave Zirin Poster

"Racism is not about hurtful words, bruised feelings, political correctness, or refusing to call short people -'vertically challenged.' Racism is about the power to treat entire groups of people as something less than human -- for the benefit of that power. That's why a Native American sports mascot is far from harmless." -- Dave Zirin
These 11" x 17" posters are printed from hi-resolution images on silk-finish paper using state-of-the-art printing techniques and are perfect for framing for your home, office or classroom.The quotes written into the portraits are easily readable.Schools should contact us to apply for the education discount. The easiest way to order multiples of the same poster is to click on the poster image and go to the individual poster page. Otherwise, you can add posters directly to your shopping cart from this page. 
Those who would prefer to pay by check, rather than use Paypal can send a check for the amount of the order with a note to Americans Who Tell the Truth, 46 Bridge Road, Brooksville, Maine, 04617. Please add $5.00 for shipping. 
Price: $20.00