Powerful Messages with AWTT at Reeds Brook Middle School

During the 2013/2014 school year, teachers Karyn Field and Sharyn Hastings used the AWTT portraits and resources to help students analyze "themes related to scapegoating, intolerance and social strife." Students wrote poems, orchestrated press conferences, composed music, made collages, sculptures, and installations, all around the themes of engaged citizenship, as they thought about how to respond to injustice.

This is what teacher Karyn Field had to say about the experience:

"As an English teacher, I spend my year building understanding by having students analyze themes related to scapegoating, intolerance and social strife. I want the young adults I’m teaching to gain a true understanding of not only what happens during times of injustice, but most importantly, why these events are allowed to unfold. The utimate goal is to have students be able to identify the patterns of behavior that lead to these kinds of events in their own lives so they can help to prevent them in the future. Ending the year by studying Mr. Shetterly’s Americans Who Tell the Truth makes a profound impact on my students year after year and is an absolutely perfect way to bring true heroes and stories of courage to life. Mr. Shetterly’s work provides the opportunity for my students to learn about everyday people who stood up and made a real difference. I couldn’t ask for a more powerful way to end my year."  -- Karyn Field

Reeds Brook Middle School, Hampden Maine