Samantha Smith Challenge Students Address Key Common Core Standards

I teach at one of the schools which Samantha Smith attended.

Because of this, when I heard about this Samantha Smith Challenge (click to sign up your students) I was excited to learn more. As I explored further, I realized that for my students the challenge was an engaging real world application of many of the skills that they were trying to learn.

The Samantha Smith Challenge allows students to address key Common Core standards in research, informational reading and writing, argument reading and writing, speaking and listening. While addressing these standards my students who are immersed in their projects and excited to see them through. They felt that they were truly able to make a difference in their world.

This year I already have students who are set to dive into the challenge. Some want to continue the work that they began last year. Others, who did not participate last year but got to hear about the great projects, are interested in doing one of their own. 

Maranacook Middle School Maine